The Advantage Technology Fund
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The Advantage Technology Fund is a venture capital fund set up to invest in early stage technology companies based in certain areas of West Midlands. Its investments include Appliansys, Protech and Scout7.

Aquamarine Power
Aquamarine Power was set up in 2005 to bring their innovative wave energy technology known as Oyster to the commercial market. Their vision is to make marine renewable energy mainstream.

Bluebox Aviation Systems Limited
Bluebox Aviation Systems Limited has been providing high quality software and services to the aviation sector since its creation in 2004. Experience of over 15 years in the industry blended with an outstanding technical capability and commitment to excellence create a range of solutions that address specific requirements within the sector.

CIO Connect
CIO Connect serves many FTSE 350 CIOs and their public sector equivalents. It facilitates face-to-face and online networking, offers acclaimed development and consulting services and also provides suppor to IT vendors.  

CreditCall specialises in the processing of credit and debit card payments. Its three principal areas of business are card payments at unattended machines (parking, ticketing, vending and kiosks), card payments over the internet (buying online, e-commerce) and card payments software (Chip and Pin, magnetic stripe). CreditCall works with all the major banks and credit card companies to offer a fully integrated service and provide a complete business solution.

DataPA is the company behind DataPA OpenAnalytics, the live intelligence solution leading the charge in providing agile business intelligence. The goal is to engineer solutions for business users to rapidly create accurate and relevant intelligence about their organisation, and publish it instantly to any stakeholder in real time.

DEM Solutions
DEM Solutions is the market leader in Discrete Element Method (DEM) simulation software and services for the design and optimization of equipment that handles or processes bulk materials in the mining, energy, equipment manufacturing,
and process industries.

DESLock logo
DESLock\'s DESlock+ encryption product offers users significant advantages over conventional solutions to the problem of lost or stolen data.

Shackleton sold it\'s interest in DESlock in September 2015.

Dexam International
Dexam sources and supplies a wide range of top quality,innovative kitchenware and cookware to the UK market. From simple, everyday tools and gadgets like potato peelers and wooden spoons, to hi-tech kitchen knives and cutting-edge cookware concepts, sourced from around 100 factories in 25 countries with the continual aim of finding unique and advanced products with the correct mix of quality and price.

EnergyFlo Construction Technologies
Energyflo Construction Technologies was founded in 2000 to reduce carbon emissions in the built environment. The company has developed Dynamic Breathing Building systems which have the potential to deliver reductions in the demand side of the energy equation. The company\'s product, the Energyflo cell, is the world\'s first Dynamic Insulation and filtration product, and is a direct replacement for conventional insulation products. End-users benefit from lower energy costs and lower carbon footprint buildings.

ECS Global Inc
ECS Global Inc is a global information technology solutions and services company serving the retail, manufacturing, healthcare and other industries. Episys provides expertise, products, services and support for signage, labelling and mobile systems. Customers include major retailers in the UK and US, such as Tesco and Sears.

Esprit Capital 1
Esprit Capital 1 is a venture capital fund focusing on emerging European venture capital companies.

is the market leading enterprise video over IP specialist with products and systems deployed globally by some of the most recognised brands in the world. Exterity solutions enable organisations to distribute broadcast quality digital TV and video over IP networks to an unlimited number of end points.

Fiberweb is one of the largest groups by revenue in the specialist nonwoven industry. Its primary business is the development, manufacture and marketing of a diverse range of nonwoven products for the industrial and hygiene markets, including everyday products such as baby diapers, feminine care products, filters and construction products.

Shackleton sold its interest in Fiberweb in March 2013

IRT Surveys
IRT Surveys is a market leading infrared thermal imaging services company and provides professional, impartial advice to building professionals, energy consultants and engineers. IRT specialises in rapid analysis and quantification of infrared images to help identify energy inefficiencies and property defects, enabling clients to plan for the future.

Lewmar Marine
Lewmar Marine is a market leader in rigging and deck equipment for yachts and powerboats.

Logicalware is a dynamic and innovative software development business, supporting a diverse range of clients with our easy-to-use and customisable email management system.

Macalla Software
Macalla Software - headquartered in Ireland, Macalla is an award winning supplier of mobile, financial and payment software.  It provides remittance, payment, banking, wallet, top-up and other services via mobile phone and other electronic channels across Europe, the Middle East, Africa and the Caribbean.

Macalla was sold to Roamware in August 2009.

Mobileum - helps telecom operators initiate, enrich, model and analyse data to generate monetizable insights.

Murley has two active trading subsidiaries: Murley Auto which operates franchised motor dealerships for Citroen, Hyundai and Nissan, and a Toyota after sales centre: Murley Agricultural Supplies which operates the New Holland, Manitou, Vaderstad and other allied agricultural equipment franchises together with a construction equipment division representing Doosan and a garden machinery business.

Shackleton’s interest in Murley was sold in September 2010.

Nandi Proteins
Nandi Proteins is a market leader in developing technology and scientific expertise to improve the functional properties of proteins in food manufacturing and nutrition. Their know-how reduces costs in food production and improves food taste, texture and longevity, whilst helping to minimise the use of additives.

Nanosight develops, manufactures and supplies a unique family of instruments for the visualisation and sizing of nanoparticles. Based on laser light scattering microscopy, its Nanoparticle Tracking Analysis (NTA) technology is an exciting new capability that offers significant advantages over existing light scattering techniques for the characterisation of polydispersed populations of nano-scale particles.

Shackleton sold its interest in Nanosight in September 2013

Open Systems Management

Open Systems develops and markets security, identity and systems management software for the UNIX environment. 

Shackleton sold its interest in Open Systems in May 2011.

OmPrompt has developed a highly secure and award-winning business-to-business connectivity platform enabling all members of supply chain communities to exchange business transactions in whatever format suits their individual needs. Its customers simply send what they have, in the way they want and receive what they need, in the way they need it.

ONZO is a data analytics company dedicated to maximising the value from sensor data. Onzo works with utilities, home automation companies and industrial sectors where sensors are widely deployed, extracting predictive, actionable and valuable insight about customers from complex data at scale.

Panintelligence has developed browser-based Rich Internet Applications that allow users to quickly access real-time data and present it in customisable and visually appealing Dashboard formats. The Dashboard creates and stores KPIs in reall time, enabling tracking of individual, team and corporate goals.

Physiomics plc combines systems biology with cutting edge mathematics to develop models that streamline the drug discovery and development process. Virtual Tumour, the company’s lead service, is used to optimise the dosing and scheduling of oncology drugs in pre-clinical trials. This optimisation improves the efficacy of combinations in pre-clinical xenografts.

R Platnauer Limited
R Platnauer has three business activities: ownership of commercial property, fine metal refining (Capella) and the design, manufacture and wholesale distribution of jewellery under the Nuvo House and Wedds brands.

Richard Irvin Services Group
Richard Irvin is a provider of construction, engineering, maintenance & offshore safety services.

Scottish Event Campus
The Scottish Event Campus promotes and manages the Scottish Event & Campus to stage exhibitions, conferences, concerts and special events.

Steve Vick International Limited
Steve Vick develops and markets techniques for the repair, replacement and decommissioning of underground pipes. These techniques are based on trenchless or "low-dig" principles and are used principally in the gas distribution, waste water and sewerage, nuclear power and facilities buildings management sector.

Stuarts Properties Limited
Stuarts Properties is a property investment company.

Tinglobal Limited
Tinglobal is in the global business-to-business market for refurbished and reconfigured midrange computer equipment, including servers, storage, parts and associated services and networking infrastructure.

Shackleton announced a partial sale of its stake in Tinglobal in July 2011. The remainder was sold in September 2015.

Tissuemed Limited

Tissuemed is a medical device company focusing on the development of surgical sealants, culminating in Tissuepatch3 a unique surgical film with properties designed specifically to address the demands of surgeons needing to seal leakages of air, blood and other fluids.

TruTac Limited
TruTac supplies software and solutions to the road transport and haulage industry.  Trutac has used its market position as one of the UK\'s leading tachograph analysis companies to develop an integrated suite of software solutions deliver substantial labour and fuel-based cost savings.  

Tubex Limited
Tubex have been manufacturing tree shelters and vine shelters for over 20 years. They are globally recognised as the world\'s leading supplier of tree shelters and sell more than 20 million shelters every year. Their shelters are manufactured in the UK, ensuring the highest quality manufacturing methods are used. Their processes have been assessed and certified as meeting the requirements of ISO9001: 2000.

Shackleton announced the sale of Tubex in May 2011.

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