Shackleton is very pleased to have partnered with Winmark to initiate an event to showcase innovation by early stage businesses as a key driver towards Net Zero.  

The use of innovative #cleantechnology is a key factor in reducing carbon emissions, so how can you identify and utilise the best of these solutions to help achieve your sustainability targets?

Join this forward-thinking half-day summit on Monday 28 March, to hear from a panel of #CleanTech entrepreneurs, who will be presenting a range of #innovative solutions. You will have the opportunity to learn how to improve energy efficiency in buildings, achieve significant fuel savings in vehicles through hybridisation, improve air quality through data insights and more.

The aim is to inspire business leaders to look outside the box when it comes to embedding #sustainable technologies within their own organisations and in the style of BBC’s #DragonsDen, provide an opportunity to dig deeper into how these cutting-edge solutions actually work and how they can be implemented. We are grateful to Clyde & Co for kindly hosting this summit.

Freddie Talberg, Founder & CEO, EMSOL
Nicola Kennedy, CEO, Heero Technologies
Richard Bruges, Chairman, Salinity Solutions
Mack Murray, Managing Director, Adgero UK Ltd
Deborah Hudson, Partner, Shackleton Ventures
Richard Elks, Partner, Clyde & Co

If you’re a sustainability or technology leader, please register here: