We were delighted to learn that our portfolio company, Dexam International, has just won the Housewares Innovation Awards 2019 for its Forest and Forge Kitchen Knife Range.

Dexam sources and supplies a wide range of top quality, innovative kitchenware and cookware to the UK market. From simple, everyday tools and gadgets like potato peelers and wooden spoons, to hi-tech kitchen knives and cutting-edge cookware concepts, sourced from around 100 factories in 25 countries with the continual aim of finding unique and advanced products with the correct mix of quality and price.

The Forest and Forge knives are made in the heart of Sheffield, England, from a factory that has been producing fine cutlery for over a century.

With skills that have been passed down from generation to generation, Dexam knives are made to the highest standards with wind damaged boroughs. The wood that features in its exquisite range are native to the Sheffield area and include: ash, beech, yew, cherry, chestnut and walnut. The Butchers Stripe kitchen textiles come from across the Pennines in Lancashire where they have been lovingly crafted by experienced weavers. Dexam’s local suppliers offer the best possible quality.

The stylish knifes are among the extensive range of Dexam products that are now available directly from Dexam’s online shop.

Other recent innovations from Dexam include its Beeswax Wraps. A form of environmentally-friendly wraps, Beeswax is a superb alternative for those wanting to reduce the amount of cling film that they use while continuing to keep food fresh.