Cleantech 2.0 Summit

Shackleton is very pleased to have partnered with Winmark to initiate an event to showcase innovation by early stage businesses as a key driver towards Net Zero.   The use of innovative #cleantechnology is a key factor in reducing carbon emissions, so how can you identify and utilise the best of these solutions to help achieve your sustainability targets? Join this forward-thinking half-day summit on Monday 28 [...]

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Most UK homes ‘fail on energy efficiency targets’ – so it’s lucky we have IRT…

The BBC reported today that nearly two thirds of UK homes fail to meet long-term energy efficiency targets. More than 12 million homes fall below the C grade on Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) graded from A-G.  It means householders spend more on energy bills and pump tonnes more CO2 into the atmosphere than necessary. The UK Government is bound by the 2016 Paris Climate Treaty [...]

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Maintaining a Fresh Approach

Experience is a double edged sword – you know what to do in a given situation because you have seen something similar before, but it can also lead you to simply repeat previous actions without thinking, with the risk of you becoming or being thought of as a one-trick pony. There is also a balance to be struck between becoming a specialist – many CIOs [...]

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Unleashing Innovation

All organisations seek innovation from within. The technology team now finds itself at the forefront of change and in introducing technological innovation that enhances organisational ambition. But how? A culture of encouraging innovation is complex and challenging – it must be led from the top and encompass a true understanding of the psychology of ideation and the focus for where innovation can add most value. [...]

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Diversity in IT Leadership

For too long, there has been a paucity of women in senior IT positions. Diversity is key to innovation, is proven to lead to better team performance and increases the talent pool from which to choose. So why is it that this hasn’t changed much in IT, compared to many other professions? Is it not time for the IT Industry to take action? This article [...]

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