FinLeap today announced that it has launched its newest venture serving the “B2B2SME market”.

Infinitec provides SaaS solutions for banks, insurances and corporations who are targeting small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs).  Its software solution makes it possible for SMEs to plan and manage company finances at a glance while providing direct access to custom-made banking and insurance products.

They are the major pillar of the German economy:  small- and medium-sized enterprises, so called SMEs. More than 2.5 million SMEs are registered in Germany, many of which are partly digitized and provide online services to their customers via a website or app.

But when it comes to managing financial affairs there is still no fully digitized one-stop solution for SMEs. At the moment entrepreneurs have to either manage their finances manually, or use various different providers for each individual service. Revenues and cash flow statements have to be tediously calculated, therefore loan applications are time consuming and often analog processes. Infinitec Solutions will be closing this gap, by providing a ready-to-use SaaS solution. This solution was developed within the fintech company builder FinLeap and can be integrated by banks and insurances.

With Infinitec Solutions banks and insurances can offer their entrepreneurial clients a fully digitized CFO-as-a-service-cockpit-solution. Enterprises have the opportunity to open bank accounts with one click, apply for loans online, and analyse and forecast their cash flows.

Helmut Kranzmaier, co-founder and managing director of Infinitec, explains: “With our modular software-platform-solution we provide the capability for traditional banks and insurances to create a unique additional value to their clients. Our solution can be individually tailored to their clients needs and at the same time easily incorporated into the existing online service portfolio of the bank.”


Prior to joining Infintec, Kranzmaier worked in banking and consulting, holding a management position in, amongst others, the Deutsche Bank Business- and Investment Division for 10 years.

Dr. Matthias Lange, managing partner at FinLeap and responsible for the tech and product division of the company builder: “Digital finance management repeatedly presents companies with challenges. The management needs to a have complete overview all the time – however in reality different data is spread over different systems. In conversations with various SMEs it became evident that they all experience the same problems. Infinitec pools all finances in a digital form and therefore provides the entrepreneur with a complete financial overview at any time. It is a solution from SMEs for SMEs.”

The 40-person Infinitec team has worked for around 12 months developing the product.

About Infinitec

Infinitec was founded by Helmut Kranzmaier and Emilio De Lazzari, with a team of 40 employees. Infinitec is a software-as-a-service-provider with a white-label-solution focusing on B2B2SME. Offering products through partners and corporates, Infinitec is offering a simple, digital solution for the financial management of small and medium-sized enterprises. The company location is Berlin.

About FinLeap

FinLeap was founded in Berlin in the summer of 2014 by HitFox Group and Ramin Niroumand as a company builder specialized in Fintechs. FinLeap serially develops Fintech companies, supporting them with strong infrastructure and guiding their growth. Each venture is raised on a solid FinLeap foundation that provides not only seed funding from €0.5 million up to €5 million but also a strong network of investors, an integrated development platform and advice on best practice processes. In addition, the company builder provides contact to experienced businesses, clients and top talents in the industry. FinLeap’s team is made up of over 500 employees from more than 40 countries. The company’s headquarter is located in Berlin.