The Shackleton team is very pleased to have backed Adgero, the cleantech business that uses ultra-capacitors to recover kinetic energy from commercial vehicles.

Adgero’s immediate deployments are as a retro-fit solution for rigid trucks and trailers operating in urban and peri-urban settings.  Its broader targets include large road-trains in the mining industry, a range of other commercial vehicles, and cranes.  Adgero’s solution creates substantial cost advantages and reduces fleets’ carbon and NOx emissions.  In addition to the immediate fuel cost-benefit offered, solutions that deliver these environmental benefits can attract significant support from local and national government.

Graphene ultra-capacitors are lighter, cheaper, and more versatile than lithium ion batteries.  Adgero’s solution is compelling because of its ability to deliver higher power output and the relative ease of day 1 customisation and retro-fit deployment.